New York State Teacher Certification Examinations™ (NYSTCE®)
New York State Teacher Certification Examinations™ (NYSTCE®)
New York State Teacher Certification Examinations™ (NYSTCE®)


General Information

These guidelines apply to individuals who attend the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and Evaluation Systems test development conferences/meetings for the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations™ (NYSTCE®).

Additional reimbursement instructions will be made available during the invitation process.

Completed forms should be submitted to Evaluation Systems as soon as possible after the conference to ensure reimbursement in four to six weeks.

Please send all correspondence regarding these policies to

Please note: The Internal Revenue Service requires Evaluation Systems to have a social security number for all conference participants receiving expense reimbursements.

Substitute Teacher

During the school year (contract days), Evaluation Systems will reimburse a public school educator's school district for the cost of a substitute teacher.

Please note that payment will come from Pearson and will be sent directly to the committee member's designated school/district office.


Committee members will receive an honorarium of $200 per full meeting day (or $100 for a half meeting day), upon submission of the Committee Member Honorarium documentation.


Hotel accommodations are available for those residing 50 or more miles from the meeting location, for those who are unable to travel due to adverse weather conditions, or as otherwise approved by Evaluation Systems. Hotel accommodations will be directly billed to Evaluation Systems. Although committee members will not be charged for their rooms, they will need to leave a deposit or credit card number at check-in to cover incidental expenses.


Evaluation Systems will reimburse personal automobile use at the federal mileage rate, round-trip ground transportation, or airfare. Evaluation Systems requires prior approval for car rental and airfare expenses. Parking and toll expenses will also be reimbursed.


Depending on the conference agenda, a continental breakfast and lunch may be provided on the day of the conference. For meals that are not provided as a part of the meeting, a per diem reimbursement of $29 will be provided.

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